Clean Laboratories

The laboratory is composed of 3 clean rooms (ISO-6 class, equivalent class 1000) for a total surface of 60m². Each room is equipped of laminar air flow benches, evaporation boxes, fume hood, weighing room and ultra-pure deionized water production systems.

- 11 teflon hot plates (Analab)
- 5 evaporation boxes (class 100, Alcoplast)
- 4 laminar air flow benches (class 100, Alcoplast)
- 5 fume hoods (Alcoplast)
- 3 ultra-pure deionized water production systems (Direct-Q, Millipore)
- 1 Evapoclean (Analab)
- 1 CleanAcid (Analab)
- 1 Oven (220°C, Memmert)
- 2 analytical balances (CP225D, 220g/ 0.01mg, Sartorius)
- 1 micro-balance (SE2, 2.1g/0.0001mg, Sartorius)

Water and Acid Purification

DIRECT-Q water purification system (Millipore)

Clean Acid distillation system  (Analab)

Sample Evaporation

Evapoclean (Analab)

Teflon Hotplates (Analab)

Evaporation device (Alcoplast)

Sample Preparation

Balance CP225D (Sartorius)

Micro-Balance SE2 (Sartorius)

Fume Hood (Alcoplast)

Class 100 laminar flow benches (Alcoplast)

Oven (Memmert)

Microdrill device (ESI New Wave MicroMill)